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 Can’t wait for Cyber Monday deals to get into those Luxury Villas in Havana, Cuba? Here’s your chance to book before the rush.
7BR/7BT Luxury VIP Villa 42 with POOL in Miramar – 1950cuc/night RHPL166
6BR/6BT Luxury VIP LeBlanc with POOL in Miramar – 1750cuc/night RHPL162
6BR/7BT Villa Ray with POOL in Miramar – 1200cuc/night RHPL35
6BR/6BT Luxury Villa with POOL in Miramar – 950cuc/night RHPL20
4BR/4BT Luxury Villa with POOL in Siboney – 880cuc/night RHPL03
4BR/4BT Villa Mari with POOL in Siboney – 780cuc/night RHPL04
5BR/5BT Luxury Villa with POOL in Siboney – 825cuc/night RHPL62
4BR/4BT Villa Orquídea with POOL in Miramar – 675cuc/night RHPL84
4BR/6BT Villa Copa with POOL in Miramar – 725cuc/night RHPL147
3BR/2BT Villa Sandry with POOL in Miramar – 620cuc/night RHPL164
4BR/4BT Luxury Villa Lilly POOL in Miramar – 700cuc/night RHPL125
4BR/4BT Casa Zunzun with POOL in Miramar – 600cuc/night RHPL171
4BR/4BT Luxury Villa with POOL in Vedado – 790cuc/night RHPLZ71
3BR/3BT Villa Catchita with POOL in Vedado – 695cuc/night RHPLZ72