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By accessing and using the website, and any other subdirectories, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement. In addition, when using this websites particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services. These guidelines and rules may be subject to change at any moment in time. All such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into the TOS. Any participation and usage of this site and its services will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to be bound by the above by, please do not use this site and its services. is an online platform offering apartments, houses, rooms or other accommodation (“accommodation”) available for rent that the websites users are able to see as offers. VIP2Cuba itself does not offer any accommodation; rather, it acts as an intermediary between users who are looking to become renters and property management and owners who intend to rent their property. Terms of rent are concluded exclusively between the Rental Property Management providing the accommodation (“RPM”) and the user renting the accommodation (“Renter”). Although VIP2Cuba itself is not a party to the terms concluded between the website’s users, it is entitled to act as a representative for the RPM with the authority to conclude agreements on his/her behalf. However, the RPM and the Renter are themselves responsible for satisfying their own contractual obligations. RPM have the right to install their own house rules, or terms and conditions, to the agreement of the accommodation they are renting that do not affect the General Terms and Conditions of VIP2Cuba. If the use, as a Renter, chooses to enter into an agreement with the RPM for booking an accommodation, the Renter agrees and understands that they will be required to abide and accept any terms, conditions, rules, and restrictions provided by the RPM for the particular accommodation in question. RPM and Renters are responsible for their adherence to the provisions governed by public law, including municipal codes regarding property rental.

After making an inquiry on any property housed on the website, the user will receive an email response usually within 24 hours (but not always) indicating an estimate for the total cost of the user’s requested stay. This total amount is comprised of the total rent, credit card fee, processing fee, and any applicable taxes; all of these items are subject to change at any moment in time. Once the user confirms the total amount by submitting payment to VIP2Cuba, by way of the channel chosen during the booking process, for the indicated non-refundable deposit, as indicated on the estimate provided by VIP2Cuba, the user will be entered into an agreement as the Renter with the RPM for the requested dates. VIP2Cuba collects the deposit money from the Renter on behalf of the RPM and pays out the appropriate amount, as discussed by the RPM and VIP2Cuba, in a timely manner after the Renter’s deposit is collected. The Renter is then required to submit payment for the full balance to the RPM on his/her first night’s arrival to the agreed upon property on the agreed upon date, as indicated by VIP2Cuba’s voucher, PLUS a $200 CUC damage deposit that is to be paid in full to the RPM upon arrival to the rental property. VIP2Cuba is not responsible for administering the payment of the security deposit or for any claims declared by the RPM. If an extenuating agreement has been made between VIP2Cuba and the Renter to collect payment in full, that is for all nights stay, VIP2Cuba will pay the appropriate amount, as discussed by RPM and VIP2Cuba, in a timely manner after the Renters payment in full is collected.

Since VIP2Cuba’s online platform facilities bookings between Renters and RPM that may deal in different home currencies, foreign currency conversions may be required to satisfy the rental agreements between the Renters, RPM, and VIP2Cuba. Currency conversions are calculated based off Set Exchange Rates, that is rates that are set by one or more third parties at the time of the currency conversion is being conducted, plus an Exchange Rate Markup, that is an added mark up to the Set Exchange Rate that VIP2Cuba imposes to cover its holding costs and foreign currency risk. This is installed due to the fact that the exact exchange rate realized by VIP2Cuba, during the time of transaction from the issuing bank varies from what is posted on third party sites to what is actually realized. Users of the website are prohibited from circumventing the above booking and payment process.

If a user who has paid the deposit amount, and thus has entered into an agreement with the RPM for the dates and total payable amount as shown on the VIP2Cuba voucher, wishes to cancel the booking, he or she must express so immediately in written format to The deposit is non-refundable and thus the user will be forfeiting the deposit. In the event the RPM wishes to cancel a booking, the Renter will be paid back their deposit and fees in full to ensure no monetary penalty will be incurred by the Renter. VIP2Cuba will help the renter find alternative accommodation to the best of their ability.


Primary Renters are those making and managing the booking and must be at least 20 years of age, on the date of arrival, to check-into the property without adult accompaniment.

Check-in time is 2PM EST and check-out time is 12PM EST. Requests for early check-in and/or late check-out will be handled on a case by case basis, pending on the availability of the rental property at the time of check-in and/or check-out.

Valid passports of all RENTERS, that is, those whose names are on the VIP2Cuba voucher, must be presented at the time of check-in. Only RENTERS are permitted to stay in the rental property. Should any RENTER listed on the VIP2Cuba voucher wish to invite outside GUESTS into the rental property, he or she must provide the Rental Property Management with the names of the GUESTS before they are invited to enter the premise and are allowed to use the rental properties’ facilities. The Rental Property Management reserves the right to allow or deny the entry of said GUESTS.

All children under 4 years of age, at the time of check-in, are able to stay free of charge when using existing bedding. All children over 8 years of age, at the time of check-in, will considered as an adult.

The maximum allowance per bed is 2 persons, regardless of age. This amount cannot be exceeded. The Rental Property Management reserves the right to change the gender allowance per bed, regardless of age, as per their discretion.

Alcoholic beverage service is restricted to those who are 21 years of age or older, at the time of check-in, with valid identification. Property management has the right to refuse alcohol without valid identification.

The rental property has a zero tolerance policy in which it can refuse to admit or refuse service or accommodation in the house or may remove a person who:
– While on the premises of the rental property acts in an obviously intoxicated or disorderly manner.
– Destroys or threatens to destroy house property, including the property itself
– Causes or threatens to cause a public disturbance
– Refuses or is unable to pay for accommodations or services rendered by the Rental Property Management

The Rental Property Management and owners take zero responsibility should any illegal or illicit activates be conducted by any Renters or Guests within the house and reserves the right to contact and report any such activities to the respective authorities such as the Cuban Immigration and Cuban Police Department. The Renter is responsible for such activities of all persons who are on the VIP2Cuba Voucher, registered Guests that have been approved by Rental Property Management, and any person who does not fall into these two categories but are in anyway affiliated with the Renter and/or approved Guests.

The Rental Property Management may limit the number of persons who occupy a particular guest room in the house, based on the number of beds within and the ‘2 persons/bed maximum’ rule, and has the right to allow only registered Guests of the property to use its facilities. That is, only registered Guests are allowed to occupy or share a bed within the property so long as it does not exceed the ‘2 persons/bed maximum’ rule.

Any person (Renter, approved Guest, affiliate of Renter and/or Guests) who negligently or intentionally causes damage to the rental property, or any furniture, furnishings, and property within the house, shall be fully liable for all damages sustained by the Rental Property Management and staff, including but not limited to the property’s loss of revenue resulting from the inability to rent while damage is being repaired.

All property interiors, including guest rooms, are 100% non-smoking. A $200 CUC cleaning fee will be charged to any guest who violates the no smoking rule.

Pets are not allowed due to concerns that some guests have allergic reactions towards pet dander and due to the threat of ticks and fleas.

The Rental Property Management reserves the right to conduct housekeeping services everyday between the hours of 8:00AM EST to 4:00PM EST at a time convenient to them.